3 Common Home Decorating Mistakes You Can Avoid

Your home is more than just a place to live, but it's also a place to show off to others. For this reason, the average person spends a fair amount of money decorating their home. Are you going about it the right way? There are several common decorating mistakes many homeowners make. Learn to avoid some of them. Only Sticking To The Trend Just like the world of fashion, home decor, has trends and again, just like fashion, home decor trends are ever changing. [Read More]

How To Have Hardwood Flooring In Your Old Home Restored To Its Original Beauty

When you purchase an old home, there are many surprises that you may find when you start to renovate it. There are many homeowners who discover that the house has hardwood flooring in it when they remove the carpeting in the house. Finding hardwood flooring can be a great thing because the wood flooring used in many older homes was designed to be long lasting and durable. If you have found hardwood flooring in your old home, use the guide below to determine how you can restore it to its original beauty. [Read More]

The 3 Best Types Of Hardwood Flooring If You Have Small Children

Do you want hardwood floors, but think they may not "get along" well with your children? At first glance, hardwood floors do seem risky to install in a place where children live. Kids can put scratches in hardwood flooring in a variety of ways, as well as make messes of all kinds on them. However, hardwood floors are actually the best kind of floors to have when you have small children. [Read More]