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Five Styles Of Bath Towels And What They Can Offer You In Terms Of Decorating And Use

Bath towels are not generally something you think of beyond their typical use. In fact, most people just think of bath towels as those things that you use to wash up and dry off with. Very few people get particular about the type of towel they use, and even fewer people think about the "pile" or "number of loops" of a towel. They simply buy towels in the colors that are best matched to the bathroom color and use them as they always do.

That said, you should start thinking about towels in lots of other ways. There are at least five different types of bath towels, and each can offer you something different in terms of decoration and benefits of use. To become acquainted with these types of towels and become more "towel savvy," the following is provided.

Cashmere Towels

Cashmere towels sound quite luxurious, do they not? They are considered luxury towels because of the cashmere in them. They are less rough, and slightly softer than the typical towel. The cashmere loops are mixed in with cotton loops, causing the towels to puff up and feel a little less rough.

If you want to know the percentage of cashmere in a cashmere towel for sale, check the tag. It turns out that the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) requires that tags on these products list the percentage of various fibers in these products for anyone that might be allergic. Still, hotels love these towels and will frequently purchase them to pamper their guests.

Embossed Towels

Embossed towels have raised appliques made from a silky material. The appliques can be very elaborate in design, lending themselves perfectly to the task of decorating your bathroom towel bar. The appliques can also be very simple, if you want to use these towels both for decoration and for regular use.

Embroidered Towels

Embroidered towels have lots of embroidery on the panels along the edges of the towels. They can feature animals, logos, personalization, monograms, and whatever else you would like guests to see featured on your towels. You can either buy towels with pre-embroidered designs, or request the towels of your choice with custom embroidery.

Dual-Sided "Burnout" Towels

This style of towel was very popular in the sixties and seventies, but has recently made a comeback with more modern designs. The loops on these towels are woven in such a fashion that one side the design is elevated, and on the opposite side there are no thread loops. It gives the towel a dual look and a very unique texture. Swirls and geometric prints are very popular for the modern burnout designs.

Sculpted or Ribbed Towels

Sculpted towels appear to have missing loops in different spots, which creates a pattern in the weave of the towel. The most common designs for sculpted towels are chevrons and miniature checkerboards. Ribbed towels are exactly as they sound; ribbed. Their woven striping elevates even, parallel ribs in the towel fabric.

Choosing Towels

Most towels come in the same basic bathroom-related colors. Choosing towels based on color is fine, but to elevate your towels beyond their utilitarian features is something on par with the skills of an interior decorator. If you can do that, then your bathroom will be more than just a "use" room in your home. It will be photograph-pretty, and match the loveliness of the rest of your house. If you are not sure you have the skills or the knack to select something more than just a basic towel for your bathroom, hire an interior decorator, or at least consult with the decorator.

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