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Affordable Ways To Update Your Home's Design

Design aesthetics can change over time, leaving homeowners feeling as though their current living spaces are outdated. Unfortunately, completely revising the design aesthetic in your home can be a costly endeavor, but if you collaborate with an interior decorator, updating your look can be easy, fun, and affordable.

Here are three simple and affordable things that you can do to breathe new life into your dated living spaces.

1. Invest in new bedding.

When you look at the same comforter and sheet set day after day, your bedroom can begin to feel a little stale. Instead of thinking that you need to invest in a new headboard, wall color, or side tables, try swapping out your old bedding to give your bedroom new life instead.

New bedding can brighten your bedroom and create a different design feel within the space. Since bedding is significantly more affordable than new furnishings, swapping out your bed linens can be a cost-effective way to update your home's interior.

2. Invest in new frames for your artwork.

The artwork that you feature on your home's walls can lend ambiance and style to your living space. Purchasing new artwork in order to change your design aesthetic can be costly, but you can update your existing artwork for much less in order to achieve the same effect.

Investing in new frames for your favorite pieces allows you to give artwork new character. You can also swap out the mat board on various pieces to generate a new color palette within your living space. Purchasing new frames for your artwork can be a cost-effective way to change up the design scheme in your home.

3. Create an accent wall.

If your living space is feeling a little bland, you can create an affordable accent wall to give your room a focal point and introduce a new design aesthetic into the space.

Accent walls can be created using a variety of mediums. You can purchase a gallon of paint and give the walls a new color, you can create a gallery wall that features your favorite photographs and pieces of art, or you can use faux bricks or wood paneling to add character to an otherwise boring space.

Accent walls can be valuable tools when it comes to affordably updating your home's design aesthetic.

If you are getting tired of your home's current interior design, you can find some affordable ways to give your living spaces a facelift. Try changing your bedding, investing in new frames for wall art, or creating an accent wall to achieve big style within a small budget.