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3 Common Home Decorating Mistakes You Can Avoid

Your home is more than just a place to live, but it's also a place to show off to others. For this reason, the average person spends a fair amount of money decorating their home. Are you going about it the right way? There are several common decorating mistakes many homeowners make. Learn to avoid some of them.

Only Sticking To The Trend

Just like the world of fashion, home decor, has trends and again, just like fashion, home decor trends are ever changing. Do yourself a favor, and even save a little money, by not limiting yourself to the current trend.

When you make it more about what someone else considers to be fashionable than your own likes, you will likely grow tired of the look. In terms of cost, retailers and design companies will often raise prices based on the increased demand of the currently trending pieces. Relying on your own style can also save you money.

Creating A Massive Portrait Gallery

You love your family! There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. However, when your love causes you to cram every inch of counter and wall space with family portraits – this can be a tad much. Too many photos can create a look of clutter and if you have every inch of the wall covered with frames, it can even shrink the space and make it seem smaller.

With photos, the less is more mantra is better suited. A few photos here and there is better than photos everywhere. To create a look of cohesion, choose the same frame or at the very least, frames that are all the same color.

Being Too Matchy-Matchy

Brown walls, a brown couch, brown pillows, a brown rug and a brown entertainment center is simply too much brown. Many novice, DIY designers assume that color coordinating is having the same color. This matchy-matchy type of design leads to a flat and uninspiring space.

When coordinating your rooms, think hues and color families. Given the same example, you could keep the brown couch and brown walls, but incorporate a burnt orange rug, turquoise entertainment center and yellow pillows. All these colors are in the same family, work well together and bring the space alive.

In terms of avoiding these and other mistakes, ensure you aren't overlooking a design professional. An interior design service will consider your style, function and most importantly, your budget to create a space that worlds well for you and your family.